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Patient Experiences


Before and After – Mr A

Before: Patient had heavily filled anterior teeth with discoloured and worn composite fillings that looked unsightly, and an old, deficient bridge on the right side and old crowns on the left side.

After: Treatment provided included a diagnostic wax mock-up (to determine size and shape of final restorations that could be tried in the mouth before committing to treatment), tooth whitening, replacement of existing bridge and crowns and new ceramic veneers to the front teeth resulting in a nice, even and matching smile

“My teeth had never been nice and bright, so consequently I had nothing to smile about because I didn’t want to show them off. I was always envious of people with a lovely smile and had always said that I wanted something similar.

I retired 3 years ago and after repeatedly saying I wanted to do it, my wife persuaded me to go ahead with it.

I made an appointment with Denuvo Dental. They talked me through everything, what my options were plus any pros and cons.

My course of treatment started and after a few (painless) months, I am now walking about with a permanent smile on my face to show everyone my new smile! When I saw the “before” and “after” photos I just couldn’t believe how bad my old teeth were.

Thanks to Denuvo Dental, I will never have that problem again and I will certainly look after my my smile from now on.”

Before and After – Mrs S