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Denuvo’s 1st Birthday!

We celebrated our 1st Birthday on the 3rd March 2015. Happy Birthday to us. The only time you will get to eat cake at a dentist and….. It was delicious! Janet and Jonathan would like to thank our patients who have supported us through our first year.

Theresa our Oral Health Educator, along with Dental Nurse Katie, have visited a total of 6 Nursery’s during January & Febuary. Together they have been educating over 120 children, giving advice on diet with healthy snack ideas and also toothbrushing advice. The children also took part in the colouring competion where they had chance to win the Denuvo Bear. The lucky winner was Brooke.

Find out on our next newsletter how Theresa, Katie and Samantha (Katie’s daughter) got on in the race for life – Pretty Muddy 5k run.


The name DENUVO – derived from ‘de nouveau’
and ‘de novo’ mean starting again,
starting afresh, in French and Latin.

Thanks again for your continuing support. Please look out for our special promotions on Facebook & Twitter

Janet, Jonathan, Katie and Theresa.
The Denuvo Dental Team