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Air Polishing

Air Polishing – A Gentle Cosmetic Dental Solution for Stain Removal

What exactly is Air Polishing?

Air-polishing is a rapid and highly effective way to return to a brilliant smile, without using harsh tooth whitening products. It is a pain and risk-free treatment to remove superficial staining from teeth.

The procedure utilises a fine jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles to gently and completely remove staining caused by tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco, as well as staining caused by some mouthwashes.

The Air Flow system is not usually used as a stand-alone treatment, but it is a valuable part of our routine Dental Hygienist appointments. Towards the end of your Oral Hygiene appointment and while still in the dental chair, the hygienist will methodically air polish individual teeth, which will involve a jet of high pressure water and Air Flow powder.

Why use Air Polishing?

Air Polishing has many advantages, none more so than the fact that it is a gentle procedure that greatly reduces discomfort to those suffering from sensitive teeth.

Removes up to 100% of dental plaque thereby helping to prevent decay, gingivitis and gum disease.

  • Pain and risk-free treatment
  • Can be used on dental implants
  • Far more effective than a traditional polish
  • No heat generated by the procedure
  • No contact with the teeth, or pressure against the teeth
  • Additionally, Air Polishing is a much gentler process of stain removal and leaves patients with an evenly smooth surface across their teeth.
  • Removes dental plaque and therefore helps prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease around natural teeth and implants.

The Results

Air Polishing has proven results to remove the toughest stains caused by day to day drinking and smoking.

Before : Heavy staining acquired through lockdown.
After : Results of a thorough Air Polishing!